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Engelse Donderbus Musket

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With brass barrel.

The Blunderbuss Musket is a muzzle-loading firearm with a short, flared and trumpet-like brass barrel. It is an early form of shotgun or muzzleloader. Most of these guns are medium-sized, being smaller than most shoulder-fired arms, but also larger than a pistol. Although the blunderbuss muskets are fitted with a butt, the dimensions suggest that most were actually not intended to be fired from the shoulder and were instead fired from the hip. The blunderbuss, and especially the shorter dragon, was typically issued to troops such as cavalry, pirates and other seamen, who needed a lightweight, easily handled firearm.

Our flintlock replicas are intended for decoration or reenactment. The muzzles have not been drilled, so the weapon is not functional. An expert gunsmith however is able to drill the muzzle and let the weapon be inspected by a gun barrel proof house.

A beautiful item for every collection and an indispensable accessory for re-enactors.


- tempered steel flint-lock

- Length of barrel: approx. 38 cm

- Total length: approx. 78.5 cm

- Weight: approx. 2.7 kg

- Caliber: .69