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Houder voor metalen-pluimen (Optio)

Houder voor metalen-pluimen (Optio)

€ 13.95
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Artikelcode: DHBM-1706610601

Holder for metal-plumes, straight (Optio)

This plume holder is suitable for three Roman helmets of Deepeeka:

- Imperial Gallic 'H' (Augsburg), item no. DHBM-1716605301

- Imperial Gallic 'G' (Weisenau), item no. DHBM-1716605201

- Imperial Gallic 'F' (Besançon), item no. DHBM-1716631501

It is used to attach the plume straight from back to front, as was customary for the Roman Optio soldier.


- total length: 9 cm

- gap between forks: approx. 1.5 cm

The square piece, which is attached to the flap riveted to the helmet, is approx. 5-6 mm square.

Since every helmet is slightly different, you should expect to have to rework (file, bend) the plume holder to fit.

Please note!

This holder is for plumes with metal frames. We have similar holders with broader fork for the wooden framed plumes.