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Japanse Daisho Kake Helm + Mempo

Japanse Daisho Kake Helm + Mempo

€ 579.95
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Artikelcode: CAS-DHBM-AH-2081

Our Japanese kabuto and menpo are superbly constructed, beautifully detailed, and a great value.

These Models replicate the helms of the great Samurai Takeda Shingen, Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune respectively. Model CASAH-2081, based on a museum piece of unknown provenance, doubles as an exquisite stand for a katana and wakizashi set.

All models are equipped with leather liners, known as ukebari, allowing them to be worn.

Custom-designed wooden display stands are included.

The museum-quality reproductions of these archaeological treasures, such as this helmet, have been hand crafted by the metalsmiths of Hanwei with exacting attention to detail.

The helmets are fully wearable and are supplied with a display stand.


Features authentic styling

Includes a wearable helmet and display stand

Makes an attention-grabbing piece of decor

Made by Hanwei