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Medieval Crossbow.

The use of crossbows in European warfare is again evident from the Battle of Hastings until about the year 1500.

They almost completely superseded hand bows in many European armies in the 12th century for a number of reasons.

Although a longbow achieves comparable accuracy and faster shooting rate than an average crossbow, crossbows release more kinetic energy and can be used effectively after a week of training, while a comparable single-shot skill with a longbow takes years of strength training to overcome the draw strength of the longbow, as well as years of practice needed to use it with skill.

Specifications of the crossbow replica:

83cm total length

71cm length tiller (stock) made of oak

6x5cm tiller profile at the lathe (prod)

5,4*2,4 cm tiller profile at the end

64cm width of the lathe

the tiller (stock) is made in dark brown colour

the rotary nut (catch) is made of steel and has a diameter of 4 cm and a width of 2.4 cm

the lathe (prod) is made of wood laminate (not steel) and is wrapped with hemp rope, its ends are covered with cowhide

the string is always constructed according to the selected draw weight. For the draw weight of 70kg it consists of 30 strands Dacron

The lathe is 62cm long

Recommended arrow length 30cm

Available draw weight 15, 35, 70 a 110 kg

Weight 2350g

Please do not shoot from the crossbow without an arrow. This way you can damage the bowstring!