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Romeinse Gladius 100 B.C. - 300 A.D battle ready

Romeinse Gladius 100 B.C. - 300 A.D battle ready

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Roman legionnaires' one-handed sword, used since the third century B.C. to the third century A.D. Occasionally this type of weapon was also used by the tribes of the Northern and Central Europe.

Spring steel made, hammered and hardened (50 HRC) blade with a central ridge. Shape of blade refers to a Mainz type of gladius (100 B.C. - 300 A.D.). 

The sword is light and well balanced and can be used during the fight (blunt edge). Sharp edges blade, for safety reasons, it is not recommended for fighting!

Hilt and pommel are made of brass, while the grip (handle) is made of wood.

As an additional option we offer the scabbard (vagina) made of thick leather. Scabbard fittings (mouth and a shoe) are made of brass and well decorated.

A long shoulder strap allows you to carry the sword easily and in a proper way.

This sword is going to be a perfect part of a Roman legionary's costume.

blade width at cross 4,5 cm

grip length 10,5 cm

center of balance 8 cm

weight 1,1 kg

blade length 54 cm

total length 74 cm